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Life, Business, Career, Sport 

Life Coach,

throughout our life we have changes from inside and outside, minor or major difficulties and blockages coming on our way, beside the many wonderful days, joy, happiness and achievement. Just think about our roles in life, young and talented, finding your way, perform, family, being a parent. These are difficult issues, not surprising, if sometimes we are a bit lost to find our way. A coach with can help you to find your way make sure you can let free flow to your possibilities to perform on your best.

Here I can use my life experience, local and international, living and working in several countries, learning about cultures and different way of thinking, how we see life.


Business and Career Coach,

profession, work, where we spend the majority of our time, we have to deal with the work requirements, colleagues, communication, goals, milestones, leadership and perform. Beside all possible stress, frustration, responsibilities we have to maintain our personal life. A business coach can help you to find time management, priorities, new goals to able to continue for long term, helping to reach your goals in personal and professional life.

The ones planning their life,  certainly have advantage. How many times we are paddling in the boat round and round, working head down without looking forward. Yes, it needs effort, but if you decided the life you want to live and build, a coach can help you to achieve your short term and longterm career targets.


As business and Career coach, my professional experience in building company, seeing bad and winning solutions at small, midsize or large companies around the world gives me the legitimity to help you on your way.

Sport Coach,

as I lived my life sport was always a part of it. Individual or team, we know nowadays an athlete,  a team member has many difficulties to deal with, physical preparation, technical challenge, injuries, new in the team, outside world, burnout, sponsoring, keep on performing. This is, where a coach can help to bring out the best, to open taps let the performing flow to the maximum.


My personal experience here like playing football for 25 years, in different teams and countries, being a national U19 selection as an athlete running 400m hurdles, trying myself in Kenuing, basketball, rugby, watching my kids in tennis and American football, having involved in horse racing give me the legitimacy and knowledge to understand problems and help to get the best out of you.

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