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Last year September we have been at the regular Bábolna auction for horses. Nice weather good ambiance and about 40 horses were shown for rent or for sale. With my friend Ferenc Nirnsee, András Nirnsee we were to see or choose from the young colts and fillies.

After showing around the horses the auction had started, many were hot sold and rented immediatly and we were also lucky to get number 39, mother Go On GO On, father Ektidar. The rent contract is for two years, we have to keep and train the horse. Our horse was transferred to Alag to the training field and he got a nice box at Orsolya Molnár's stable. Orsolya has more than 20 horses to train and prepare for the races, where she is quite successfull.

So the first year is rather preparation, to introduce our horse what is a racing horse is about. Regular activities include get use to saddle and jockeys eating properly, training by walking, running and with jockey. The work and training getting more and demanding longer faster, stronger. by the end of this year our Governor should show up on his first race and our expectation, that with a win we can look forward to 2024 when the serious races will take place.

For the moment Governor is used to the enviroment, saddle, jockey, work, no problem and he is eating well, starts to know what is it all about.

Looking forward to the summer, gaining expertise, getting strength and speed to run the first race somewhere around late August.

God be with us!

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