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My Experience


MALEV, Hungarian Airlines,

where I have started in 1977. After school with sponsorship from the airline, I started to work on heavy maintenance, on russian aircrafts like, TU-154, TU-134, IL-18. Only military time was an exeption for the next 13 years. I have learned a lot from my colleagues.

In 1989 came the possibility for the first western type aircraft type rating, BAe146, shortly after B707 as technician and Loadmaster. New people, language, new technology really widened my view and my possibilities.


CROSSAIR, Switzerland,

starting on the 1st of May 1990 with my colleague Norbert was an adventure, but it became a lot more. Ten years glad to my BAe146/RJ85-100 aircraft, also worked on SAAB 340, SAAB 2000, Fokker 50. Learning heaven at that time concerning skills, languages /english, french, german, even russian/, and people of all nationalities.

Best times were, aircraft (RJ100) acceptancies in Manchester, Chasing Piccard in the desert, field representative in Uzbekistan, technical projects and fixing AOGs. Started to instruct on smaller courses, runup and borescope. Fantastic ambiance, oh... those Christmas parties and football matches.


Swiss International Ailines, Swiss Aviation Training,

after a transition period I became a full time instructor, first project Embraer170/190 but also gave courses on Bae146/RJ85-100. New challange, hectic travelling and teaching worldwide. From Japan to Equador, from Stockholm to Australia. gaining knowledge and softskills. Getting to know different cultures and peoples.


Lufthansa Aviation Training,

just the company name changed instruction stayed the same, plus some more office work as I got more responsibilities as manager. Meetings, conferencies, instruction, audits, improving managing skills and project work.

New project, new area of instruction, CSeries, glad to LTT. This is already the third aircraft type where I could see and learn the aircraft from the build to the delivery to the customers. Travelling wear me out, so I was thinking of a definitive change. I was on the way to say goodbye to permanent work, leave Switzerland, France, leave 28 years and lots of friends behind at least conserning daily business. 


MPROF Training&Consultancy,

I founded my limited company, working for myself, contracting mainly for LTT, but I also have contracts with Austrian, Horizon and Aerok.

It is working, I live in Dunakeszi city very close to Budapest by the Danube river. I can spend more time with my family which is a great pleasure. 


Airplane types






Embraer 145

Embraer 170






RJ 85/100


Airbus 320

Airbus 220



SAAB 340

SAAB 2000

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