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Work for it, every day


As instantly I had to become grown up I realized my future is in my hand. I made my vision, established my values and did all I was in my power to achieve my goals. Changes came from outside and from inside therefore adjustments were needed.

Walking my way had many challenges, slowly, but surely I had overcome them and got closer to my rainbow-dream. As you achieve milestones you think you are almost there, then you realize still not quite, some more steps are needed.

I can be proud or I can only blame myself that I have achieved. But it is mine, I know what I did for it.

"Keep on walking"

My story

to get to this stage, to publish my website had started as I decided to place myself in aviation. From aircraft mechanic I worked my way up to the point, when I was able to change to teach people. Continuous development helped me to reach managing position at a foreign training company.

I had never stopped developing myself, project, leadership  and communication studies got me the point to combine international experience, cultural knowledge and teaching, developing people, to turn myself towards Coaching. I founded my company MPROF Training&Consultancy.

My mission is to help people stayed the same, even got more focused during the years.


Name  ; János, Mezei,                                                                       

Born;      Budapest, 1959.08.1,    


Job history; MALEV, aircraft technician, Crossair/Swiss, aircraft technician, GECAT technical instruction, Swiss Aviation Training, technical instruct, Deputy Vice President, Training Manager, Lufthansa Aviation Training technical instructor, MPROF Training&Consultancy, Owner, CEO.


Education; Aircraft Mechanic technical school, Kossuth Lajos technical School, University Marc Block, Hungarian studies, Milton Friedman University, Media and Communication, Coaching Centrum, life, Business and Career coaching, Sport-level up, sport coaching. Beside above continuous studies leadership and project management.


Language; Hungarian, English, French, some German.

Family; to kids

Hobby&interest; Sports, Horse racing, art, painting, cultural events, reading, travel.




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